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When dealing with LGA Brokering, we understand that timing is key in business. So getting your quote delivered in a timely manner is a crucial step to our process.

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Type Of Freight Shipping Services We Offer:

The following freight services are offered by LGA Brokering, but not limited to:


Less-Than Truckload​ (LTL)

LTL freight services is a process by which your cargo is loaded on a truck that shares space with other shippers’ freight. This type of freight service does not require a full truckload to transport. LTL freight service typically involves shipments that are larger than parcel packages but smaller than a full truckload, typically weighing between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

Full Truckload (FTL)

When you need a dedicated truck or are shipping more than 10 pallets of goods, then a full truckload will be your best option. Full truckload shipments typically go directly from point A to B with no stops in between and are a way to quickly move a lot of product in a single freight shipment.

Temperature-Controlled Freight

If your freight requires a refrigerator, we offer several options for both refrigerated LTL and dedicated reefer freight services.

Over-Dimensional Freight

This type of freight service that exceeds the standard size or weight limits for the equipment used in transportation. This form of freight service may include cargo that is too long, too wide, too tall, or too heavy to fit within the standard dimensions of a trailer. Oversized freight service requires specialized equipment, permits, and routing, and may require escorts or pilot cars to ensure safety on the road.

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